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Autumn Colors Viewing Campaign at Mt. Nishi-Azuma

  • Autumn Colors Viewing Campaign at Mt. Nishi-Azuma

A campaign will be held from October 1 (Fri.) to October 31 (Sun.) to promote the viewing of fall colors at Mt. Nishi-Azuma. One package will offer large discounts for the ropeway and lifts, with another package offering additional benefits such as an onsen voucher, an imoni meal, and a special commemorative hand towel. Please see this link for more details. (Japanese)


1. Campaign Period


October 1 (Fri.) - October 31 (Sun.)


2. Packages


①Nishi-Azuma Package


Package Contents: Ropeway/lifts both-ways ticket, voucher to entry to one of Yonezawa’s eight onsen, imoni soup, hand towel commemorating climbing to the summit of Mt. Nishi-Azuma


Fee:     Adults - 2000 1000 yen (tax included)

    Children (elementary school or younger) - 1560 560 yen (tax included)


*Due to maintenance work for the lifts, this package will be available only until October 24.


② Autumn Colors Package


Package Contents: Ropeway both-ways ticket, imoni soup


Fee:     Adults - 2000 1000 yen (tax included)

    Children (elementary school or younger) - 1560 560 yen (tax included)





Please contact Tengendai Kogen at phone number 0238-55-2236. (Japanese)


Join the Tohoku Hashtag Contest!


  • Join the Tohoku Hashtag Contest! <p>(한국어・汉语)</p>

Post recommended locations, food, and useful travel information on Instagram during this limited event! Make sure to add this hashtag to your post: #東北PR局


One person who posts with this hashtag will be chosen at random to receive a gift consisting of delicious regional treats from the Tohoku area.


Application Period: September 1 (Wed.) - October 31 (Sun.), 2021


How to Enter


1. Follow the official account of the Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization on Instagram (tohokutourism_jp)
2. Put the hashtag “#東北PR局” on a post with a picture showing something from Tohoku you would like to recommend! Pictures taken in the past are eligible for the contest as well.


Prize: Local specialty products from all six prefectures in Tohoku (equivalent to about 3000 yen)


Inquiries: Please send any questions or feedback to the office of the Tohoku Destination Campaign Promotion Council.


Email address - dc@tohokutourism.jp (Japanese)


Please visit the official website for more information. (Japanese)



「#東北PR局」(#동북 PR국) 해시태그 캠페인 개최의 알림

동북의 추천하는 관광명소나 구르메(미식),제철인 정보를「#東北PR局」이름으로
Instagram(인스타그램)에 투고 합시다!
투고 하신 분중에서 추첨으로 동북 지역의 맛있는 특산품을 선물!

【응모 기간】2021년9월1일(수)~10월31일(일)

【참가 방법】1.동북 관광 추진 기구Instagram(인스타그램)공식 계정
       (tohokutourism_jp)을 팔로우!

      2.모두에게 추천하고 싶은 동북의 사진에「#東北PR局」이름으로 투고!
      ※지금까지 촬영한 사진도 OK!

【상 품】동북6현의 특산품(약3,000엔 해당)

【문 의】동북 데스터네이션(목적지) 캠페인 추진 협회 사무국
   메일 주소:dc@tohokutourism.jp

※자세한 것은 이쪽으로 보십시오.












E-Bike Rentals in Yonezawa!

  • E-Bike Rentals in Yonezawa!
  • E-Bike Rentals in Yonezawa!

E-Bike Rentals in Yonezawa!

The city of Yonezawa is planning to begin offering e-bike rentals in Yonezawa beginning in August! Additionally, a service compatible with smartphones that displays routes for visitors will be available for use.

As part of a trial period for the e-bike initiative, two locations as of June are already offering rental services.

Feel free to rent an e-bike and explore Yonezawa!

Rental locations: 
Michi no Eki Yonezawa
JR Yonezawa Station

Number of e-bikes available:
10 at each location (15 beginning on August 1)

Rental hours:
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

4 hours or under - 1000 yen
Over 4 hours and less than 8 hours - 2000 yen

Rental registration:
Please register directly at each location.
(Registering in advance is also available. We ask that you present identification when pre-registering.)

Other information:
An app is available that displays routes and guidance for your e-bike trip.

First, install the mountain climbing GPS app called ヤマップ (“Yamappu”). After, you can find routes by selecting “E-BIKEでめぐる 米沢癒やしの旅物語.”

For more information on the app, please ask at the rental locations.

・ Michi no Eki Yonezawa (Tourist Information Center)
Phone number: 0238-40-8400

・ JR Yonezawa Station (Okitama Tourist Information Center ASK)
Phone number: 0238-24-2965


Yonezawa Uesugi Museum: Thomas the Tank Engine Exhibition


  • Yonezawa Uesugi Museum: Thomas the Tank Engine Exhibition<p>(한국어・汉语)</p>

For the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Yonezawa Uesugi Museum, the museum will be holding a Thomas the Tank Engine special exhibition. The story was created by the British Reverend Wilbert Awdrey, who improvised a story about anthropomorphized trains to his son Christopher while he was recovering from illness. These stories were published in 1945 as The Railway Series. Taking place on the fictional British isle of Sodor, the stories began to be published at a pace of once per year, becoming renowned around the world. 


The books were published in Japan in 1973, and the stories became even more popular upon the start of the animated series in 1984. In 1990, the animated series began airing in Japan, becoming established as a popular title that children could enjoy together with their parents. In the story, Thomas hopes to become a useful tank engine, making mistakes and reflecting on them upon the way. The story, showing Thomas dealing with his friends and various tasks, covers themes such as honesty, sincerity, effort, and cooperation. Viewers can see the moral values put in by Reverend Awdrey by enjoying Thomas the Tank Engine.


The exhibition will consist of figures of the characters and elements of the animated show, as well as original drawings made for the picture books, including some from works being shown in Japan for the first time. While enjoying the items on display, visitors can get a chance to revisit the message and values that Reverend Awdrey conveyed to his children.


Exhibition period: June 26 (Sat.), 2021 - August 1 (Sun.), 2021
(Closed on July 28 (Wed.))


Open hours: 9:00 - 17:00
(Ticket sales are until 16:30.)


Entry fee:
General ticket - 500 (400) yen, high school students - 300 (240) yen, elementary and middle school students - 200 (160) yen


Prices in parentheses are for groups consisting of 20 or more people.


Yonezawa Uesugi Museum
〒992-0052 Yamagata-ken, Yonezawa-shi, Marunouchi 1-2-1
Phone number: 0238-26-8001



Please visit this link for more details. (Japanese)


요네자와시 우에스기 박물관「기관차 토마스 전」의 안내

요네자와시 우에스기 박물관에서는 개관20주년 기획전「기관차 토마스 전」을 개최합니다.
영국의 목사 윌바트・오드리 가 병상의 아들 크리스토파 에게 즉흥적으로 이야기해 들려준 의인화 된 기관차 이야기는 1945년에「기관차의 그림책」으로서 출판됐습니다.영국의 가공의 섬「소도 섬」을 무대로 한 이야기는 그 후에 년 한권 페이스로 출판되고,전 세계에서 사랑 받고 1973년에는 일본어 번역판이 출판,1984년부터는「기관차 토마스(기관차 토마스와 친구들)」로 인형극 애니메이션화 되고 그 인기는 더욱 퍼져 나갔습니다.
일본에서도1990년부터 텔레비전 방송을 시작하고,가족과 함께 즐기는 인기작품으로서 정착되었습니다.도움이 되는 기관차를 목표로 실패 나 반성을 거듭하며 일 과 동료들과 합의해 나가는 토마스의 이야기에는 정직, 성실 ,노력 ,협력 등,목사인 오드리가 작품에 담은 도덕적 가치관을 볼 수 있습니다.
이 전시에서는 일본 첫 공개작품을 포함하는 그림책,원화,인형극,애니메이션 모두 조화롭게 구성합니다.작품의 매력을 감상하면서 원작자가 어린이들에게 전하고 싶었던 메시지로 되돌아옵니다.

【개최일】 2021년6월26일(토)~8월1일(일)

【개관시간】 9:00~17:00(입장16:30까지)

【요 금】 일반500(400)엔 고교생,대학생300(240)엔 초중학생200(160)엔
     ※( )는 20명 이상 단체요금

【문 의】 요네자와시 우에스기 박물관
        〒992-0052 야마가타켄 요네자와시 마루노우치1-2-1

※자세한 것은 이쪽으로 보십시오. (일본어)



英国牧师为了鼓励在病床斗病的儿子克里斯托弗而编的故事。“托马斯”最早出现在英国牧师瑞福·奥德瑞在1945年创作的《铁路系列(The Railway Series)》故事中,这个蓝色蒸汽小火车和他的火车好朋友们居住在多多岛上(The Island Of Sodor),一同冒险,一同成长。





【门 票】普通票500(400)日元 高中生,大学生300(240)日元
     ※( )内是 20名以上的团体价格

        〒992-0052 山形县米泽市丸之内1-2-1



Tengendai Kogen: Summer Mountains Open for Climbing June 11!

  • Tengendai Kogen: Summer Mountains Open for Climbing June 11!

Starting on June 11 (Fri.), visitors will be able to climb the summer mountains at Tengendai Kogen. Feel free to visit to participate in and enjoy the annual prayer for safety, mountain climbing, and many more events to come!


Nishi Azuma Summer Mountain Prayer for Safety Ceremony and Pre-open
Date: June 11, 2021 (Fri.)
Shinto ritual: Starting at 10:00 am


Location: Kofuku no Kane (Bell of Good Fortune) area


*Once the prayer ceremony finishes, the lifts will open and be available for visitors to ride.


17th Alpine Plant Viewing Hiking Event
Walk through a forest of firs with a Nishi Azuma guide.
Date: June 13 (Sun.), 2021


~ 2021 Summer Events Overview ~
July 22 (Thurs.) - 25 (Sun.): Tengendai Summer Festival
July 24 (Sat.), July 31 (Sat.), August 7 (Sat.), August 14 (Sat.): Ropeway Night Rides
August 7 (Sat.) - 15 (Sun.): Obon Week
September 11 (Sat.), 12 (Sun.): Tengendai Visitor Appreciation Day & Autumn Festival


For more details, please visit the Tengendai official website (Japanese).


〒992-1461 Yamagata-ken, Yonezawa-shi, Shirabu Onsen Tengendai
Phone number: 0238-55-2236