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Onogawa Onsen Firefly Festival

Onogawa Onsen Firefly Festival


Enjoy the magical scene of fireflies lighting up the onsen town!


Festival Period: Sat. 22nd June – Mon. 15th July


Firefly viewing period

Mid June – Mid July

Between 20:00 – 21:00


Festival Events: Sat. 6th July – 7th (Both Days 18:00 – 21:00)

Location: Onogawa Onsen Village

*During the festival

The Open-air Onsen Bath‘Komachi no Yu’is available to enter until 20:30


'The sound of Festivals' Music Performance

  • 'The sound of Festivals' Music Performance

A music performance highlighting the unique sound of Japanese Festivals

Date: Sun. 16th June 
13:00 Open - Starts 13:30 

Location: Denkoku no Mori Okitama Culture Hall
Yonezawa City Maru no Uchi 1-2-1 TEL: 0238-26-8000

Entry Fee: Adult 1,000 Yen, SHS and under Free 

Guest: 'Ai' Samurai Troupe 


Plant this year's Rice Paddy Art!

  • Plant this year's Rice Paddy Art!

Plant the next Rice Paddy Art


Come join in planting colored rice plants that will create the next Rice Paddy Art near Onogawa Onsen.
This year’s art will be based on Yonezawa’s famous ABC (Apple, Beef & Carp)


When: Sun. 26th May 9:00 – 13:00


Where: Misawa Community Centre


How much: Senior High School + 2,000 Yen

           Junior High School and below 1,500 Yen


Applications: Until Fri. 17th May


Send your Address, Name, Age, Gender, and Phone Number to:



Be a samurai for a day! Uesugi Festival

  • Be a samurai for a day! Uesugi Festival

The biggest festival of the year in Yonezawa is coming and you can join in the fun!

The Uesugi Festival celebrates the great samurai warrior Uesugi Kenshin – who was a renowned warrior and progenitor of the Uesugi Clan, the clan that ruled over the Yonezawa domain.

Part of the celebration involves a recreation of one of the biggest battles of the warring states period ‘The battle of Kawanakajima’ where Kenshin and Takeda Shingen met on the field of battle. Over 800 people in full samurai armor take to the battlefield and anyone can join in! Viewing is also completely free!

To see more of the festival click here

If you want to apply:

When: May 3rd 2019 8:00 – 16:00 – you need to be in Yonezawa for this day!

How much: 5000 JPY (Includes lunch and insurance)

Participants must be over the age of 18

To apply: Use the enquiry form on the sightseeing navi here and we’ll send you an e-mail with more details.

Please note places for the battle fill up fast so we'll e-mail you back to confirm whether you have a place.


第42 届上杉雪灯笼节

  • <p>第42 届上杉雪灯笼节</p>



17:30~20:00 雪灯笼预热点灯


11:00~21:00 帐篷村物产展

11:00~21:00 会场周游拉力赛

11:00~17:00 舞台活动

12:00~20:00 手工制作蜡烛体验

17:00~ 镇魂祭

17:30~ 雪灯笼・雪洞・蜡烛点缀区域・雪洞之路点灯


11:00~21:00 帐篷村物产展

11:00~21:00 会场周游拉力赛

11:00~17:00 舞台活动

12:00~21:00 手工制作蜡烛体验

17:30~ 雪灯笼・雪洞・蜡烛点缀区域・雪洞之路点灯