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Yonezawa Cherry Picking Information

  • Yonezawa Cherry Picking Information

The Cherry Season is finally here in Yamagata and there are 3 places in Yonezawa where you can pick these delicious tree babies for yourself!

★Wagatsuma Tourist Orchard

Address: 〒992-1122 Yonezawa Bansei-cho Zusayama 1882

 TEL: 0238-28-5431

Picking Period: Fri. June 16th – Mon. 10th July

Time: 8:30 ~ 17:00 Registration Until 16:30

Fee: Adult 1,200 Yen, Elementary School 1,000 Yen, Infants 500 Yen

※3 years and under free

Notes: All you can eat for 30 minutes

Cannot take cherries home

10% off for groups over 30 people

Additional fee for cherries picked in green-house

30 parking spaces available



★Kamimura Orchard

Address: 〒992-0074 Yonezawa Yarai 3-3-39

Tel: 0238-23-4107

Picking Period: Fri. 16th ~ Mon. 2nd July

Time: 8:30~17:00 Registration until 16:00

Fee: Adults (JHS +) 1,080 Yen, Elem. School 860 Yen

※Infants Free

Notes: 1 hour all you can eat

Cannot take cherries home

Reservations needed for groups over 10 persons

Parking Available

Orchard under roofed green house


Suzuki Orchard (Reservations Needed)

Address 〒992-1461 Yonezawa Sumomoyama 5510

TEL: 0238-38-6266

Picking Period: Sat. 17th June ~ Mon. 2nd July

Time: 9:00 – 17:00 Registration until 16:00

Fee: Adults (Over Elem School) 1,200 Yen Infants (over 3) 600 Yen

※Under 3’s Free

Notes: No Time limit

No taking cherries home

30 Parking Spaces Available

Roofed Green House

For more info contact orchards directly.


Yonezawa Beef Festival

  • Yonezawa Beef Festival

It’s time again for the Yonezawa Beef festival! Why not enjoy the delicious taste of Yonezawa’s beef with friends and family?

To participate in the Yonezawa Beef Festival you’ll need to buy your tickets beforehand! They will be available at Yonezawa City Hall and Online from 10am on Sun. 25th June.

There will also be special exhibition held at Yonezawa Station on the day of the festival.


Date: Fri. 4th August 2017. Opening Ceremony – 6pm Closing Ceremony – 8pm

Location: Matsugawa River Bank (On the east side of Yonezawa City Hospital)

Fee: Sukiyaki Set – for 4 adults 16,000 Yen

 (200 sets available)

Sukiyaki set for 2 8,000 Yen

(100 Sets available)

Enquiries: Yonezawa Industry Division Agricultural Dep.

TEL: 0238-22-5111


See Yonezawa Pass

  • See Yonezawa Pass

The "see Yonezawa Pass" which allows you to view many Uesugi Cultural/Historical Facilities for a discounted price is now available for purchase!

Choose 5 of the following 6 locations to visit for a discount price.

Uesugi Keishoden, Yonezawa Uesugi Museum, Uesugi Mausoleum, Miyasaka Archaeological Museum, Sake Brewery Toko and Mt. Kasuga Risenji Temple.

You’ll also receive a free coupon to use in selected Yonezawa stores! The pass contains a stamp booklet which when filled out will also make you eligible to win some special Yonezawa souvenirs!

Period of use: 1st June (Thur) – 30th November (Thur)

Price: Pass for 5 locations 1,300 Yen (inc. tax)

Enquiries: Yonezawa Tourism Convention Association
TEL: 0238-21-6226


Onogawa Komachi Flower Park is Now Open!

  • Onogawa Komachi Flower Park is Now Open!
  • Onogawa Komachi Flower Park is Now Open!
  • Onogawa Komachi Flower Park is Now Open!
  • Onogawa Komachi Flower Park is Now Open!
  • Onogawa Komachi Flower Park is Now Open!

First planted in 2013 the German Iris, Chinese Peony and daylilies at Onogawa have reached their peak viewing season. Over 100 types of flower can be seen at this Flower Garden. Why not enjoy a relaxing stroll whilst looking at some beautiful flowers?

■Predicted Viewing Season:

German Iris Late May – Early June

   Chinese Peony Early- Mid June

   Daylily  Mid-June – Early August

■Location:Onogawa Onsen Ski Slope

■Parking: By Onogawa Ski Lodge

■Enquiries:Public Education・Physical and Public Education Dep. 21-6111


Onogawa Onsen Firefly Festival

  • Onogawa Onsen Firefly Festival

The 37th Onogawa Onsen Firefly Festival

 Witness the soft and magical glow of fireflies lighting up the night sky this summer.

  It will soon be firefly season at Onogawa Onsen, be sure not to miss out on the beautiful night-time views. The firefly viewing period is from mid-June to mid-July and the best time to see them is around 20:00-21:00 (fireflies are unlikely to fly when it rains).

Festival period Sat. 18th June - Sun. 16th July

During the festival period Komachi no Yu open-air baths will be open until 20:30 in the evening. Volunteers will also be running the special firefly tea hut until 9pm selling food and drink.

Festival events Sat. 1st, Sun. 2nd July, 18:00 – 21:00

 Both days the Onsen town will be a vehicle-free zone with stalls selling local dishes and stage performances. For those arriving by car please follow the guidance of the parking guides stationed around the area.


A Firefly Festival Committee run event in assosciation with Onogawa Onsen Tourism Association, Yonezawa Firefly Protection Society.