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Tengendai Ski Slope Open from Fri. 1st December!

  • Tengendai Ski Slope Open from Fri. 1st December!

Open Info


Rope Way: 8:20 – 17:00

Shirakaba Lift: 8:30 – 16:00

Shakunage Lift 11:00 –


Road works:

There are currently roadworks passing through Shirabu requiring brief stops at traffic lights, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please make sure to change into proper winter tires as the roads around Tengendai are prone to icing.


Tengendai Ski Slope Special Pre-Open Period!

  • Tengendai Ski Slope Special Pre-Open Period!

The sudden change in weather means that you can hit the slopes early!
Why not come get your skis/boards for this limited pre-open season!
(Period) Thur. 23rd November 2017 (Pub. Hol) – Mon. 26th


Other Yonezawa Ski Slope Open Schedules:

Yonezawa Ski Slope
Fri. 22nd Dec – Sat. 21st March

Onogawa Onsen Ski Slope

Sat. 23rd Dec – Sun. 25th Feb. Openn on Holidays, Weekends and every day between Dec- 29th to Jan 3rd


Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival- Applications for making Lanterns

The 41st Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival will be held from Sat. 10th Feb – Mon. 12th 2018. Every year around 300 lanterns make an amazing scene around the Uesugi-jinja Shrine. Why not come with your workmates, classmates or friends to build a lantern yourself?

Application Deadline:

Fri. 15th December


Building dates:

Applicants can choose from the following time periods for building

Lantern Building: From Mon Feb. 5th 2018 (Lanterns need to be left after making the basic shape to harden)

Lantern Carving : Wed. Feb 7th to  the morning of Sat. 10th Feb.


*Lanterns around the path leading up to the hsine must be completed by the morning of the 9th


Participants: 3-4 people per lantern

Staff will help those making for the first time


Please bring: Snow Shovel, Snow Dump

Wooden Panels and Rope are available from the office on the day. 


Applications: Please download or take the application form from the Tourism Department of City Hall or Yonezawa Tourism Convention Association


(Enquiries/ Applications

Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival Committee (Part of Yonezawa Tourism Convention Association)

〒992-0052 Yamagata Prefecture Yonezawa City Maru no Uchi 1-4-13 Uesugi Shrine

Tel: 0238-22-9607 Fax: 0238-22-2042


Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival - Stage Event Performers

  • Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival - Stage Event Performers
230.5KB - PDF ダウンロード

Yonezawa City is looking for stage performances for the opening ceremony for next year’s Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival!


  1. Location

    Denkoku no Mori Lobby (Under Roof)
  2. Dates

    2018 Sat. 10th February ~ Sun. 11th 
      Performance Times: Sat. 10th Feb 11:00 ~ 17:00

Sun. 11th Feb 11:00~17:00


Performance schedule and time slots will be decided after the application deadline. Please be aware these are subject to change and preferred times may not be possible.

The festival itself is over 3 days but the stage events are just the weekend.


  1. Applications

Groups and individuals who wish to perform songs, dances and other talents to those who are coming to the festival.


  1. Participation Fee



  1. Application Deadline

Fri. December 5th 2017


  1. How to apply


Download the included application form and send via fax or post.


〒992-0045 Yamagata Prefecture, Yonezawa Chuou 4-1-30

Yonezawa Chamber of Commerce Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival Stage Events

Tel: 0238-21-5111 Fax 0238-21-5116


The 6th Nasebanaru Autumn Festival

  • The 6th Nasebanaru Autumn Festival

This year sees the return of the Nasebanaru Autumn Festival!

Bokkui-ichi market

A traditional market where goods are hung in unmanned baskets and paying is based on trust.

Traditional Market

A traditional market selling Yonezawa’s traditional textiles Otaka Poppo Hawk figures, Ceramics. Crafting experience also available.

Dondon Ricebowl Festival

Yonezawa beef rice bowl, steak rice bowls and other local delicacies available. Also try the Yonezawa style Imoni.

Mashiko Porcelain

Initially created to provide Support after the 2011 T?hoku Earthquake this year marks the 7th return of Mashiko Porcelain.

Tradition Games/Toys

A workshop corner where you can try traditional Japanese toys and games.

Stage Events

Enjoy stage performances by local children as well as performance groups.

■Date:Sat.23 rd & Sun. 24 th Sep (Above Events) 、10:00~17:00 (Until 16:00 on final day)

Somokusai – (festival giving thanks to nature) 12:00~12:45 Sat. 23rd

■Location: Matsugasaki Park, Area around Denkoku no Mori

■Enquiries: Nasebanaru Autumn Festival Committee 0238-22-9607 Shuttle Bus Runs both days from 9:30~17:30、from City Hall (20 Minute Intervals) Adult(Middle School +)¥100、Elem. School ¥50 (Infants Free)