Uesugi Hakushaku-tei Snow Lantern Event

  • Uesugi Hakushaku-tei Snow Lantern Event

Uesugi Hakushaku-tei Earl house is running a special event to run alongside the Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival.

Only available for 4 days! Special seats with a beautiful view of the snow!

Come visit the winter wonderland that is the Uesugi Snow Lantern festival and enjoy delicious traditional Japanese food.

Period: Fri. 9th Feb – Mon. 12th


Location: Uesugi Hakushaku-tei Earl House (Uesugi Memorial Hall)

Yonezawa City Maru-no-uchi 1-3-60

TEL: 0238-21-5121
Southbound from Uesugi Shrine


Info: Special Snow Seating 5,400 Yen (Including Tax)
Yonezawa Traditional Menu & Yonezawa Beef Nabe

*Reservations needed, be sure to reserve soon to not miss out.


February's Chinese Lunch

  • February's Chinese Lunch

Enjoy a relaxed lunchtime chat with YIRA. Learn about China.

Date: Chinese Thur. 15th Feb 12:00-13:00

Location:YIRA Plaza ‘Arcus’

Fee:Free (Please bring your own lunch)


13th Mt. Nadera ‘Kankan Watari’ Hiking

A mountain trek only possible in the winter where you travel over deep snow. Those who are up for trekking for around 3 to 4 hours should sign up to witness beautiful winter landscapes.

DateSun. March 4th

Schedule: Atago Community Center (8am arrive) ~ Jizoen (8:30 start)

Summit (11:00), Lunch (12:00 return down) Jizoen (14:00 finish)

Clothing: Comfortable attire, winter boots, gloves, hat, leggings, sunglasses, towel (snowshoe, skis not necessary)

Please  Bring: Warm Clothes(Anorak etc.),Lunch、Drinks

Fee: 500(Insurance, Participation Prize, Surprise)

Applications: Yamagata Newspaper Mr Kato Shinichi (21-4545


영어로 런치

  • <p>영어로 런치</p>

 부담없이 런치를 먹으며 와이라에서 회화를 즐 기지 않겠습니까。자기의 점심을 지참해 주세요。

◆언제: 영어 2월28수 (수) 각12시~13시


◆참가비:무료(점심지참) ※신청불요


춘절 이해강좌&사오싱주를 즐기는모임

  • <p>춘절 이해강좌&사오싱주를 즐기는모임</p>

 쵸상(중국출신・야마가타대학생)고향의 이야기 를 들은 후에 본토의 사오싱주를 즐겨요!


◆장소:중화요리 요우가엔 (중앙1-12-2)

◆참가비:주문은 실비입니다 (사오싱주는 준비합니다)

*사오싱주를 즐기는 모임은20세이상 입니다

술을 마실 분은 자동차를 갖고 오지 마시기 바랍니다