Volunteer Applications are now Open for Yonezawa’s 2020 Rice Field Art Project!

  • Volunteer Applications are now Open for Yonezawa’s 2020 Rice Field Art Project!

We are currently accepting applications for volunteers to work on this year’s rice field art project! Volunteers will help plant the rice that will turn into the final image.


The design for the project this year is Onogawa Komachi from the Onsen Musume franchise!


Those who help will receive some rice when it is harvested as well. We are looking forward to receiving your applications.


* Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, we will only be accepting applications from those who live within Yonezawa.



Time: May 31 (Sun.), 2020, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (weather permitting)


    Meeting place - Misawa Community Center (phone number: 0238-32-2005)
    Rice planting location - Yanazawa Rice Field Art Paddy



Participation Fee:
Adults (those in high school or older) - 1,000 yen
Children (those in middle school or younger) - 500 yen
    * Please note that there are no group discounts available.



Other Information: Please make sure to bring your own lunch.


Also, please note that due to the effects of the ongoing coronavirus situation, there is a possibility that the event may be cancelled.





Rice Field Art Committee (part of the Yonezawa City Hall Tourism Section)


Phone number: 0238-22-5111 (extension 3809)
Fax: 0238-24-4541
Email address: y-kanko@ms5.omn.ne.jp (Japanese)
                      tourism@city.yonezawa.yamagata.jp (English)


* Please apply by phone, fax, or email. When applying, please provide your address, full name, age, gender, and phone number.
Cancellations can be made until May 22 (Fri.). Those who cancel after that date will still be required to pay the participation fee. We will give some of the rice that is harvested in the fall to those who pay the participation fee.


For more details, please visit the following link: http://tanbo-art.com/ (Japanese)


Facility closure due to the novel Coronavirus

  • Facility closure due to the novel Coronavirus

Due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus, the Okitama Culture Center will be temporarily closed starting on April 1, and all YIRA events happening in April will be cancelled. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

【Affected Events】
4/11 YIRA Kids Club Easter Egg Paint
4/18 YIRA Hanami & English Chat
4/20 Nihongo Café
4/22 English Lunch
4/28 Chinese Lunch

Japanese classes and the use of the ‘Arcus’ space has been temporarily suspended.
If you have any questions, please contact the office at 0238-33-9146.



  • コロナウイルスによる施設休館について


4月11日 YIRA KIDS CLUB「イースターエッグペイント」
4月18日 YIRAお花見&English Chat
4月20日 日本語カフェ
4月22日 Eigoでランチ
4月28日 中国語でランチ



Event Cancellation due to the novel Coronavirus

  • Event Cancellation due to the novel Coronavirus

In light of the situation regarding the spread of the novel Coronavirus, we will be cancelling YIRA events happening in March. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


【Affected Events】

3/10      Chinese Lunch

3/13      Child-raising Lunch

3/16      Nihongo Café

3/21      YIRA English Chat

3/25      Super Simple Smartphone Café

3/26      English Lunch


Additionally, the Farewell Party on 3/21 will be postponed.

Please check Facebook and the YIRA website for information on events in April and after.



  • <p>新型冠状病毒期间的交流活动延期</p>






  3月10日 中文午餐       3月13日 育儿午餐

 3月16日 日语咖啡       3月21日 英语聊天室

 3月25日 智能手机咖啡     3月26日 英语午餐





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