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Yonezawa’s Don-Don Fest!

  • Yonezawa’s Don-Don Fest!

The Yonezawa Don-Don Fest will be returning to the Autumn Festival on 24th and 25th September!

After a three-year hiatus, the event is back with 14 products from 10 participating companies this year. Normal rice bowls (dons) will cost 600 Yen per bowl while special dons will cost 1,200 Yen each. Drop by and stuff yourself don-don full of dons!


Tickets will be sold at the event venue itself. They can also be purchased at the Yonezawa Tourist & Convention Bureau as well as the tourist information booth in Roadside Station Yonezawa from 1st September.

Do secure your tickets soon!


Event Dates and Time

24th and 25th September (Saturday and Sunday)
10:00 – 15:00


Booths are set up at the open space outside Denkoku no Mori (location of Yonezawa City Uesugi Museum and Okitama Cultural Hall)



Please contact the Nasebanaru Autumn Festival Committee for more information (Japanese).

Tel: 0238-21-6226
Fax: 0238-22-2042


Roadside Station Tazawa’s 25th Anniversary Campaign

  • Roadside Station Tazawa’s 25th Anniversary Campaign

It’s been 25 years since the opening of Roadside Station Tazawa! As a token of gratitude to everyone who made this possible, the station’s signature handmade soba dishes will be sold at a 50 Yen discount for a limited time!


Campaign Dates

1st September – 30th September, on weekends and national holidays



The following dishes will be offered at a 50 Yen discount.


Morisoba: 850  800 Yen
Kakesoba: 850  800 Yen

Do note that the cafeteria is closed on weekdays.



Please contact Roadside Station Tazawa at 0238-31-2753 (Japanese) for more information.


Roadside Station Stamp Rally across Niigata (Murakami-Iwafune) and Okitama!

  • Roadside Station Stamp Rally across Niigata (Murakami-Iwafune) and Okitama!

The roadside stations in Okitama and the region of Murakami-Iwafune in Niigata prefecture are hosting a stamp rally right now! Check out this roadside station map (Japanese) for more information on the unique delicacies each station has to offer!


Let's explore the neighbouring regions, gather those stamps, and win some lovely prizes!


Event Period

13 August 2022 (Saturday) – 30 November 2022 (Wednesday)


Participating Stations

A total of 14 roadside stations from Yamagata’s Okitama region and Niigata’s Murakami-Iwafune region are participating in the event.


Yamagata roadside stations – Yonezawa, Tazawa, Iide, Shiroimorioguni, Takahata, Shiratakayanakouen, Kawanominatonagai

Niigata roadside stations – Kamihayashi, Asahi, Sekikawa, Sasagawanagare, Tainai, Kajikawa, Agano


Prizes and Requirements

・ Murakami Prize (worth 2,000 Yen, 10 winners)

    Submit 3 stamps from the roadside stations in Murakami-Iwafune to be entered in a lottery.

・ Okitama Prize (worth 2,000 Yen, 10 winners)

    Submit 3 stamps from the roadside stations in Okitama to be entered in a lottery.

・ Okitama-Murakami Prize (worth 5,000 Yen, 3 winners)

    Submit 6 stamps from both the Okitama and Murakami-Iwafune regions (3 from each region) to be entered in a lottery.


* Participants who enter the lottery for the Okitama-Murakami Prize will also be registered for both the Okitama and Murakami Prize lotteries.


COVID-19 Precautions

The organizers seek your cooperation in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the community. Depending on the COVID-19 situation at the time, it is possible for the stamp rally to be cancelled early as well.



You may direct queries to:
Okitama and Murakami-Iwafune Sightseeing Collaboration Promotion Board

(Regional Promotion, Promotion Bureau for Murakami Region in Niigata Prefecture)
Tel: 0254-52-7231 (Japanese)


e-Mountain Bike Hill Climb 2022 is accepting entries now!

  • e-Mountain Bike Hill Climb 2022 is accepting entries now!

The e-Mountain Bike Hill Climb 2022 contest held at Tengendai Kogen will begin its first round of races on 28th August, Sunday!


Compete for the shortest time up the sloping path that form Tengendai ski area’s Yunodaira Course in winter! There are also many wonderful prizes to be won!
Beginner or not, everyone is welcome to join! You may also participate as a group, so feel free to invite your friends!



Tengendai x Shirabu Reborn Council


Dates and Times

1st round – 28th August (Sunday)
2nd round – 19th September (Monday, national holiday)
3rd round – 16th October (Sunday)


Morning Section
09:00 – Registration begins
10:00 – Race begins

Afternoon Section
12:30 – Registration begins
13:30 – Race begins


Participation Details

- Each section accepts up to 9 entries.
- It is not mandatory to participate in all three rounds of races
- You need an account on the STRAVA mobile app to enter the races
- A minimum body height of 150 cm is recommended for riding the e-mountain bike


Course Details

Total distance: 2.75 km
Elevation: 362 m
Maximum Slope: 28 degrees
Average Slope: 15 degrees


Entry Fee

3,000 Yen
(includes: e-mountain bike rental fee, ropeway descent ticket, general insurance, snacks, day entry into Shirabu Onsen)


Registration Location

Tengendai Kogen Ropeway Yumoto Station Carpark



Please contact Tengendai Kogen at 0238-55-2236 (Japanese) for any queries, or to express interest in joining the races.


Sunset Cruising at Mt. Nishi-Azuma

  • Sunset Cruising at Mt. Nishi-Azuma

Tengendai Kogen’s ropeway operating hours will extend for a limited time, with the last ascent for the evening occurring at 18:00. Grab this chance to catch sight of the mesmerizing sunset at Mt. Nishi-Azuma!

In addition, a special event, Fireworks Beyond the Autumn Night’s Clouds, will be held on 23rd September!


If you love sightseeing, then this is an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss! Check out the event details below.


Sunset Cruising at Mt. Nishi-Azuma

Event Period:
Every Saturday and Sunday, from 21st August 2022 (Sunday) to 24th September 2022 (Saturday)

Extended Ropeway Operating Hours:
17:00 - 18:00 (Final ascent at 18:00)

Final descent: 18:30

* Timings may be adjusted depending on weather conditions and sunset timing.

* In the event of bad weather conditions (rain, fog, lightning or strong winds) occurring at 17:00, the services will be cancelled for the rest of the day.

The ongoing Enjoy Kogen Package discount applies. Booking is not required.
For more information, please view this brochure. (Japanese)

Adults – 1,200 Yen (tax included)
Children (Elementary School age) – 1,000 Yen (tax included)
Children (Below elementary school age) – Free

Each package includes the following: Two-way use of the ropeway, and a redeemable local specialty of your choice from the café*

* Select any two of the following, redeemable at the front desk on 1F from 08:30 to 16:30: Tama konnyaku, Amazake, Tsuyahime rice, or the café’s highly recommended Kogen Soft Cream! Limited quantities available on each day.

Fireworks Beyond the Autumn Night’s Clouds

23rd September 2022, Friday
* In the case of rain, the event will be postponed to Saturday, 24th September 2022



Long sleeves and warm clothing are recommended as the events are held high up in the mountain.


For more information, please contact Tengendai Kogen at 0238-55-2236 (Japanese)