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제 42회 우에스기 설등롱 마쓰리

  • <p>제 42회 우에스기 설등롱 마쓰리</p>



17:30~20:00 설등롱프레점등


11:00~21:00 텐트촌물산전

11:00~21:00 회장주유스탬프랠리ー

11:00~17:00 스테이지ー이벤트

12:00~20:00 초만들기체험ー코너

17:00~ 진혼제

17:30~ 설등롱・작은눈등불・촛불구역・작은등불길ー점등


11:00~21:00 텐트촌물산전

11:00~17:00 스테이지ー이벤트

12:00~21:00 초만들기체험ー코너

17:30~ 설등롱・작은눈등불・촛불구역・


【셔틀버스 운행시간】

2 월 9일(토)10:30~21:30

2 월 10일(일)10:30~21:30

※대체로 20 분 간격으로 운행합니다。

【셔틀버스 요금(편도)】

요네자와 시청⇔덴코크노모리

종합공원 축구장⇔덴코크노모리


대인(중학생 이상)200 엔

초등학생 100 엔(유아무료)



Notice About Parking and Transport for the 42nd Snow Lantern Festival

There will be no parking available for the Snow Lantern Festival at the shrine grounds on Sat. 9th and Sun. 10th. 


Please use the available parking spaces at Yonezawa City Office and then make use of the paid shuttle bus for the festival grounds. 

Buses will also be available from Michi-no-Eki Yonezawa from 16:00. 

Shuttle Bus Fare: Adults (Above JHS Age) 200 Yen, Elem. School age Children 100 Yen, Infants Free 

Available every 15-20 Minutes. Sat. 9th/Sun.10th 10:30 - 21:30 (Last Stop Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival Space) 

*Buses Available from Michi-no-Eki from 16:00 


If you use the Shuttle Bus you will receive: 


100 Yen Discount for use in the Tent Village 

A free ticket to make Candle & Takanabe Lantern Festival Free Experience Ticket 


As of now the following parking areas are available on the day of the festival.

Yamagata Bank, Yonezawa Eki-Mae Branch, Yonexawa West Branch 

Yonezawa Trust Bank, West Branch  

Yamagata Dai-ichi credi association 



14th Nadera Kan-Kan Hike!

  • 14th Nadera Kan-Kan Hike!

Hike over the snowy Mt. Nadera in this yearly event!


Date: 2019 Sunday 2rd March
Schedule: Atago Community Centre (8 AM), Jizo-En (8:30) – Mountain Peak (11am, lunch, climb down at 12 – Arrive back at Jizo-En (2pm, finish)
Clothes: Clothes that are easy to move in, Long boots, gloves, hat, Leggings, Sunglasses, Towel (no need for snow shoes/skis)

Things to bring: Warm Outerwear (Water proof clothes), Lunch, Drink

Fee: 500 (Includes Insurance, Participation, Surprise)

Contact: Yamagata Newspaper Yonezawa Southern Office Shinichi Kato


Phone: 028-21-4545 Fax: 0238-21-4541


42nd Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival

  • 42nd Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival

One of the biggest festivals in Yonezawa is back again this year! 

Enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland of the Uesugi Shrine. 

Event Held: 
February 9th (Sat.) - 10th (Sun.)
Uesugi Shrine, Matsugasaki Grounds 
Snow Lantern Pre-illumination Fri. 8th February 

Enquiries: Uesugi Snow Lantern Comittee 
Tel: 0238-22-9607 


Design the next Rice Paddy Art!

  • Design the next Rice Paddy Art!

Applications for the next Yonezawa Rice Paddy Art design are now open. Design something that you think best sums up the theme 'the pride of Yonezawa' and your design may be chosen! 

Deadline: Feb 15th 2019 


There is no limit to the amount of designs you can enter 

All designs must be original 

You are limited to using the 5 following colors - Green, Black, Yellow, Red, and White - please make sure to use color on your design 

The dimensions for the piece should be 12cm (length) x 28.5 (width) 

Copyrighted material cannot be entered 

The design can be either drawn or digital 


For more information please contact the agricultural department of Yonezawa City Hall 


0238-33-5111 (Ext:5006)