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Try Your Hand at Planting Rice for This Year's Yonezawa Rice Field Art Project!

  • Try Your Hand at Planting Rice for This Year's Yonezawa Rice Field Art Project!

The city is calling all those interested to come plant rice as part of Yonezawa's yearly Rice Field Art project. The image that will be created this year depicts Uesugi Yozan. Participants will receive special perks as well, such as receiving some of the rice collected during the harvest in the fall. If you are interested, please see the details below and apply!


Date: May 29 (Sun.), 2022
9:00 am - 12:00 pm (subject to be canceled in case of heavy rain)
*Please prepare lunch before coming as it will not be provided.


Meeting Location: Misawa Community Center
Phone number: 0238-32-2005
Rice Planting Location: Yanazawa Rice Field Art Paddy


Fee: Adults (high school age and above) - 1000 yen
Children (middle school age and below) - 500 yen
*Please note that there are no group discounts.


Special Perks:
1.) Onogawa Onsen Ticket (valid only on May 29)
2.) 2 kg of rice harvested during the fall
*Those participating in both the planting and harvesting experiences will receive 5 kg of rice!


Participation Requirements: Those who fulfill all below requirements (as of May 29, 2022) will be eligible to participate.


- Is from a region that is not subjected to COVID-19 containment measures higher than a quasi-state of emergency
- Has not contracted COVID-19 within the past two weeks, and is not considered to have been in close contact with an infected person
- No family members (who live with the participant) and coworkers currently are positive with COVID-19 or are close-contact individuals
- Has no fever (considered 37.5°C and above), fatigue, coughing, or other symptoms


Yonezawa City Hall Tourism Section
Phone number: 0238-22-5111 (extension: 4205, 4206)
Fax: 0238-24-4541
Email address: y-kanko@ms5.omn.ne.jp
*To apply in English, please send an email to tourism@city.yonezawa.yamagata.jp.
*Please apply by phone, fax, or email.
When applying, please send your address, full name, age, gender, and phone number.


*Cancellations are possible until May 20 (Fri.)
Those who cancel after the above date will still be required to pay the participation fee.
Rice will still be distributed to those who pay the fee but cannot attend.


*Depending on the COVID-19 situation at the time, the event may be subject to cancellation.
*Please view the attached PDF (Japanese) for more information


The 2022 Yonezawa Uesugi Festival Will Begin on April 29!

  • The 2022 Yonezawa Uesugi Festival Will Begin on April 29!

This year's Yonezawa Uesugi Festival will be held from April 29 (Fri., holiday) to May 3 (Tues., holiday).


As the health and safety of visitors and participants is of utmost importance, we have decided to hold the festival only upon ensuring we have well-implemented infection control measures. We kindly ask for your understanding in this decision.


For more information, please check the Yonezawa Uesugi Festival official website. (Japanese)


Introducing Yonezawa's New Multilingual Tourism Website! (한국어・汉语・漢語)

  • Introducing Yonezawa's New Multilingual Tourism Website! (한국어・汉语・漢語)

The city of Yonezawa has created a new website called Travel Yonezawa with the purpose of delivering tourism information to those living abroad. The webste is available in English, Japanese, Korean, and traditional and simplified Chinese. Visitors to the website can read about Yonezawa's travel destinations and delicious local specialties in their native language.

Travel Yonezawa can be viewed by clicking this link. Please check it out for yourself!

인바운드(외국인의 일본 여행)를 위한 다국어판 관광 홈페이지가 완성되었습니다!

요네자와의 관광 정보를、외국인에게 보다 널리、보다 깊이 알릴 수 있도록 새롭게「다국어판 홈페이지 요네자와 관광 Navi」를 제작했습니다.

일본어 외、영어、중국어 번체자、중국어 간체자、한국어로 요네자와의 좋은 곳、맛있는 곳 등 매력적인 정보를 제공합니다.

꼭 봐주세요!

홈페이지는 이쪽으로


为了让海外游客更广泛、更深入地了解米泽的观光信息,我们制作了新的“多国语言版网站 米泽观光Navi”。










Okitama/Kaminoyama Hina Gallery at Toko Sake Museum and Uesugi Hakushakutei (한국어・汉语・漢語)

  • Okitama/Kaminoyama Hina Gallery at Toko Sake Museum and Uesugi Hakushakutei (한국어・汉语・漢語)

Okitama/Kaminoyama Hina Gallery at Toko Sake Museum and Uesugi Hakushakutei (한국어・汉语・漢語)

Toko Sake Museum and Uesugi Hakushakutei will be displaying many dolls for Hinamatsuri, a tradition that has carried on in the Okitama region for generations. Upon finishing their work in Edo, warriors from Yonezawa Domain used to bring back these figures as souvenirs for their family. We hope that you will stop by and check out the beautiful dolls on display!
Toko Sake Museum
Exhibition Period: February 3 (Thurs.) - April 3 (Sun.), 2022
9:00 - 16:30
Fixed Closed Days - Every Tuesday in February

Location: Toko Sake Museum
Omachi, Yonezawa 2-3-22

Admission Fee: General admission - 350 yen, middle/high school students - 250 yen, elementary school students - 150 yen (group prices are also available)

Inquiries: Toko Sake Museum

Phone number: 0238-21-6601
Uesugi Hakushakutei
Exhibition Period: February 3 (Thurs.) - April 3 (Sun.), 2022
Viewing Hours - 10:00 - 17:00
Dining Hours - 11:00 - 20:00 (a reservation is necessary after 14:30)
*Fixed Closed Days: Every Wednesday during December - March (none during the rest of the year)

Location: Uesugi Hakushakutei
Marunouchi 1-3-60, Yonezawa

Admission Fee: Free

Inquiries: Uesugi Hakushakutei
Phone number: 0238-21-5121

오키타마・카미노야마 히나 마쓰리 인형(일본의 여자아이의 명절에 장식하는 인형)회랑 「동광의 양조장 」「우에스기 백작 저택」의 안내
오키타마 지역에 옛날부터 전해지는 히나마쓰리 인형의 여러 가지를「동광의 양조장」「우에스기 백작 저택」에서 전시하고 있습니다.

옛날、요네자와 번의 무사들이 에도의 근무에서 돌아올 때、가족에게 선물로 구입해 왔다는 아름다운 일품이 여러분을 기다리고 있습니다.

『동광의 양조장』
【개최 일시】레이와 4년 2월 3일(목)~ 4월 3일(일)
※휴관일:2월만 매주 화요일

【회장】 주조자료관 동광의 양조장
요네자와시 오마치2-3-22

【입장료】 일반 350엔、중・고등학생 250엔、초등학생 150엔(단체 요금 있음)

【문의】주조자료관 동광의 양조장

『우에스기 백작 저택』
【개최 일시】레이와 4년 2월 3일(목)~ 4월 3일(일)
<식사>11:00~20:00(14:30 이후、예약 필요)
※ 정기 휴일 <12월 ~ 3월> 매주 수요일 <4월 ~ 11월> 무휴

【회장】 우에스기 백작 저택
요네자와시 마루노우치1-3-60

【입관료】 무료

【문의】우에스기 백작 저택

置赐・上山人偶回廊「东光酒藏 」「上杉伯爵邸」介绍




【会场】酿酒资料馆 东光酒藏

【门票】 一般350日元、中・高中生250日元、小学生150日元(有团体票)

【咨询】酿酒资料馆 东光酒藏

※定休日 <12月~3月>每周三 <4月~11月>无休

【会场】 上杉伯爵邸

【门票】 免费






【會場】釀酒資料館 東光酒藏


【諮詢】釀酒資料館 東光酒藏






Yonezawa Uesugi Museum 20th Anniversary Exhibition: "The World of Uesugi Clan Records VI: Negotiations of the Warring States Period"

  • Yonezawa Uesugi Museum 20th Anniversary Exhibition:

The Yonezawa Uesugi Museum will be opening a new exhibition to celebrate the 20th anniversary since opening. Beginning on February 11 (Fri., holiday), visitors to the museum can view the exhibition, entitled "The World of Uesugi Clan Records VI: Negotiations of the Warring States Period."


These documents, which are national treasures of Japan, contain many letters sent between the leaders of the Uesugi and Nagao clans, giving insight into how diplomacy operated at the time.
Based on documents such as these, this exhibition will introduce many different aspects related to diplomatic negotations of leaders during the Warring States Period.


Open Period: February 11, 2022 (Fri., holiday) - March 13, 2022 (Sun.)


Open Hours: 9:00-17:00 (entry is open until 16:30)


Closed Days: Mondays


Fee: Standard ticket: 210 yen (160 yen), college and high school students - 110 yen (80 yen), elementary school students - 50 yen (40 yen)
*Prices within parentheses indicate the fee for groups of 20 people or more


• Gallery Talk (Must Register in Advance)
A curator from the museum will explain various aspects of the exhibition.
1: February 23 (Wed.) beginning at 17:15. Limit of 20 people
2. March 13 (Sun.) beginning at 9:15. Limit of 10 people
Location: Yonezawa Uesugi Museum Special Exhibition Room
*Note that a fee must be paid in order to enter the special exhibition room.
Reservation Period: 1. Beginning at 9:00 on January 20
2. Beginning at 9:00 on February 15


Inquiries: 992-0052
Marunouchi 1-2-1, Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture
Denkoku no Mori, Yonezawa Uesugi Museum
Phone number: 0238-26-8001


*For more details, please see the official website (Japanese).