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Design the next Rice Paddy Art!

  • Design the next Rice Paddy Art!

Applications for the next Yonezawa Rice Paddy Art design are now open. Design something that you think best sums up the theme 'the pride of Yonezawa' and your design may be chosen! 

Deadline: Feb 15th 2019 


There is no limit to the amount of designs you can enter 

All designs must be original 

You are limited to using the 5 following colors - Green, Black, Yellow, Red, and White - please make sure to use color on your design 

The dimensions for the piece should be 12cm (length) x 28.5 (width) 

Copyrighted material cannot be entered 

The design can be either drawn or digital 


For more information please contact the agricultural department of Yonezawa City Hall 


0238-33-5111 (Ext:5006) 



Yonezawa Machinaka Bar Meat Festival

  • Yonezawa Machinaka Bar Meat Festival

The city-wise bar crawl is back this year and this year it’s time to MEAT your maker!

Find the Yonezawa Machinaka Bar guide at the city office or any participating store,


Order the Bar set at the designated time and enjoy special deals and exclusive menus! This year there’s a lot of meat dishes to sink your teeth into.

Collect Stamps at each bar and receive a special gift! (Minimum of 3 locations)


Period: Thur. 1st November – Fri. 30th

Set courses from 1,000 yen, 2,000 yen and 3,000 yen

Look up Yonezawa machinaka baru on facebook for more info!


Tateyama Apple & Sweets Festival 2018

  • Tateyama Apple & Sweets Festival 2018

This year the apples are back again and more delicious than ever! Come try an arrange of apple based sweets during this tasty event!


Date: Sun. 18th November 2018
Location: Uesugi Joshien

Tateyama Apple Sweets Café (One day only event)


Location: Uesugi Joshien 1F Restaurant ‘ABCys’

Price: 1,500 Yen per person (includes tax) Only 100 sets available

Set includes 5 sweets/desserts made from Tateyama Apples and one drink.

Tickets must be bought in advance. Please enquire using the details below.


Uesugi Joshien TEL:0238-23-0700
Yonezawa City Agricultural Department : 0238-22-5111


Tateyama Apple Vendors:

Time: 13:00-16:00 While stocks last

Location: Uesugi Joshien

Location: Uesugi Joshien Entrance


The 1st Yonezawa Denshokan Festival

  • The 1st Yonezawa Denshokan Festival

A festival where you can see traditional and modern Yonezawa crafts and arts the newly opened ‘Yonezawa Denshokan Traditional Museum will hold this festival before the winter closure starting on 5th November.


There’ll be craft experiences as well as fresh produce for you to enjoy


Period: 4th November 2018 10:00-16:00

Location: Yonezawa Denshokan Festival

992-0039 Yonezawa Shi Monto Machi 1-1-11

Enquiries: Yonezawa Denshokan 0238-20-5646


Tengendai Kogen Summer-Time Lift Period

  • Tengendai Kogen Summer-Time Lift Period

The Summer Season mountain ropeway lift and the Tengendai Kogen ropeway will run until the 4th November (Sunday). After this period the lifts will be unavailable in the run-up to the winter period, we thank you for your understanding. 


Tengendai Lift: Open Every Day until the 4th November 

Summer Mountain Ropeway Open until Sun. 28th October. 

Ropeways are planned to open for the winte rseason starting from Satuday December 1st (Until Sun. 12th May)