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Uesugi Hakushaku-tei Snow Lantern Event

  • Uesugi Hakushaku-tei Snow Lantern Event

Uesugi Hakushaku-tei Earl house is running a special event to run alongside the Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival.

Only available for 4 days! Special seats with a beautiful view of the snow!

Come visit the winter wonderland that is the Uesugi Snow Lantern festival and enjoy delicious traditional Japanese food.

Period: Fri. 9th Feb – Mon. 12th


Location: Uesugi Hakushaku-tei Earl House (Uesugi Memorial Hall)

Yonezawa City Maru-no-uchi 1-3-60

TEL: 0238-21-5121
Southbound from Uesugi Shrine


Info: Special Snow Seating 5,400 Yen (Including Tax)
Yonezawa Traditional Menu & Yonezawa Beef Nabe

*Reservations needed, be sure to reserve soon to not miss out.


13th Mt. Nadera ‘Kankan Watari’ Hiking

A mountain trek only possible in the winter where you travel over deep snow. Those who are up for trekking for around 3 to 4 hours should sign up to witness beautiful winter landscapes.

DateSun. March 4th

Schedule: Atago Community Center (8am arrive) ~ Jizoen (8:30 start)

Summit (11:00), Lunch (12:00 return down) Jizoen (14:00 finish)

Clothing: Comfortable attire, winter boots, gloves, hat, leggings, sunglasses, towel (snowshoe, skis not necessary)

Please  Bring: Warm Clothes(Anorak etc.),Lunch、Drinks

Fee: 500(Insurance, Participation Prize, Surprise)

Applications: Yamagata Newspaper Mr Kato Shinichi (21-4545


Onogawa Onsen Kamakura Village Open

  • Onogawa Onsen Kamakura Village Open

Onogawa Onsen Kamakura Village The Kamakura Village will soon be open! Inside these icy igloos is room for friends and family to sit and enjoy delicious Ramen. Why not give it a try?

◆Period:Sat. 20th Jan.-Thur. 1st March. ※Please note open dates may vary due to snow and weather conditions.

◆Location:’Ryuge Shokudo’ Parking lot

◆Enquiries:Onogawa Onsen Ryokan Asc. 992-0076 Yonezawa Onogawa Machi 2500  32-2740


Shirabu Onsen Apple Bath

  • Shirabu Onsen Apple Bath

Shirabu Onsen’s Nakaya-bekkan Fudokaku Grand Bath is holding a special ‘Apple Bath’


Enjoy bathing in this special apple bath while watching out towards the winter scenery.


Special Events 12:00-15:00
Free Ama-zake

Yaki-mochi Rice Cake experience 300 Yen


Period – Sun 11th Feb – Mon. 12th

12:00 – 18:00

Bathing – 500 Yen


Enquiries: 0238-55-2121


제 41 회 우에스기 설등롱 마쓰리

  • <p>제 41 회 우에스기 설등롱 마쓰리</p>



17:30~20:00 설등롱프레점등


11:00~21:00 텐트촌물산전

11:00~21:00 회장주유스탬프랠리ー

11:00~17:00 스테이지ー이벤트

12:00~20:00 초만들기체험ー코너

17:00~ 진혼제

17:30~ 설등롱・작은눈등불・촛불구역・



11:00~21:00 텐트촌물산전

11:00~21:00 회장주유스탬프랠리ー

11:00~17:00 스테이지ー이벤트

12:00~21:00 초만들기체험ー코너

17:30~ 설등롱・작은눈등불・촛불구역・



11:00~20:00 텐트촌물산전

11:00~20:00 회장주유스탬프랠리ー

12:00~20:00 초만들기체험ー코너

17:30~ 설등롱・작은눈등불・촛불구역・


【셔틀버스 운행시간】

2 월 10 일(토)10:30~21:30

2 월 11 일(일)10:30~21:30

2 월 12 일(월・축)10:30~20:30

※대체로 20 분 간격으로 운행합니다。

【셔틀버스 요금(편도)】

요네자와 시청⇔덴코크노모리

종합공원 축구장⇔덴코크노모리


대인(중학생 이상)200 엔

초등학생 100 엔(유아무료)