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"Roadside Station Yonezawa Cherry Festival held from June 8th!"

Roadside Station Yonezawa will host the Cherry Festival from June 8th (Saturday) to July 7th (Sunday)!

During this period, various events such as cherry picking and stage performances will be held.

In addition, the shops will feature cherry-related products, and the food court will introduce new summer menus!

We invite you and your family to visit Roadside Station Yonezawa!

◇ For inquiries, Roadside Station Yonezawa

TEL: 0238-40-8400

Address: 1039-1 Kawai, Yonezawa City


"Shirabu Onsen 'Yama no Yukemuri Hiroba' Yururi Hiroba Enjoyment Day" will be held on June 15th (Saturday)!

At Shirabu Onsen, we're hosting a festival event called "Mountain Mist Hot Spring Day," where you can enjoy the Yumiru Plaza in the hot spring town. Experience various aspects of hot spring culture, including food, entertainment, and even a photo contest where you can win Yonezawa beef!e

If you have the time, we invite you to come and join us. Experience the leisurely atmosphere unique to the foothills of Nishi-Agatsuma.

--- Mountain Mist Hot Spring Day ---

◇ Date & Time: June 15th, 2024 (Saturday), 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

◇ Location: Yumiru Plaza (within Shirabu Onsen Town)

◇ Events:

  • White Monkey Doll Painting Experience
  • Bamboo Dragonfly Painting Experience
  • Shirabu Otaki Waterfall Promenade Tour (Free)
  • eMTB Experience (Free Rental)
  • Photo Contest: Win Yonezawa Beef!


Tengendai x Shirabu Reborn Council

TEL: 0238-53-2761

*Simultaneous with the Tengendai Plateau Citizen Appreciation Day!

The ropeway is free!

For more details, please visit the Tengendai website.