The Yonezawa Treasure Photography Contest 2020 is Open for Submissions!

The ongoing COVID-19 situation has had a large impact on tourism sites and their operations in Yonezawa. In order to attract visitors from within and outside of Yamagata Prefecture when the situation returns to normal, we will host a photography contest on social media that showcases the best aspects of Yonezawa to Japan and the rest of the world. The title of the contest is the Yonezawa Treasure Contest 2020. 


Pictures taken in the past are okay to submit as well! As someone who has visited one of Yonezawa’s tourism locations, feel free to participate in the contest and show others the great locations that the city has to offer. The winners of the contest will be sent prizes such as onsen lodging vouchers and gift certificates for Yonezawa beef. The full details can be found below.



1. Contest Entry Period


July 6 (Mon.), 2020 - August 31 (Mon.), 2020


2. Contest Information


The contest will be judged along three separate categories: scenery, food, and funny pictures.


Please post the pictures that you took on either Instagram or Twitter, along with the location that they were taken. Additionally, make sure to include the four following hashtags:


#米撮 #〇〇部門 #ビシャモン #国内旅行


The circles in the second hashtag above indicate the category that is being entered. Please feel free to copy and paste the one that matches your submission from below.


Scenery: #風景部門
Food: #食べ物部門
Funny: #おもしろ部門


After the contest period concludes, the submissions will be judged, and vouchers for onsen lodging and gift certificates for Yonezawa beef will be sent out to the winners.


3. Prizes


Prizes are available for each category.


• First Place Prize (One Winner)
    Yonezawa Onsen Voucher (20,000 yen value)
    (Can be used at any of Yonezawa’s eight onsen locations)


• Second Place Prize (One Winner)
    Yonezawa Onsen Voucher (10,000 yen value)
    (Can be used at any of Yonezawa’s eight onsen locations)


• Third Place Prize (Three Winners)

Yonezawa Beef Gift Certificate (5000 yen value)


4. Judging Process


Date: September 3 (Thurs.), 2020

Judges: Yonezawa Junior Chamber Board Chairman, Yonezawa Department of Industry, Tourism Division Section Chief, Contest Organizing Committee


5. Announcement of Results


Winners will be contacted via direct message by September 5 (Sat.), 2020. Please make sure that your account settings enable you to receive direct messages from the contest administration. Additionally, the pictures will be uploaded to the official contest account pages.


6. Things to Note


1. Physical photographs cannot be submitted to the contest.
2. Those with accounts set to private mode are unable to enter.
3. There is no limit on submissions, but please only attach one photograph to each post.


7. Inquiries


Yonezawa Junior Chamber


Phone number: 0238-29-0336
Email address:


Yonezawa Department of Industry, Tourism Division
Phone number: 0238-22-5111 (extension 3821)
Email address:
Email address (English inquiries):