Alpine Plant Viewing Tour at Tengendai Kogen

  • Alpine Plant Viewing Tour at Tengendai Kogen
  • Alpine Plant Viewing Tour at Tengendai Kogen

Summer mountains will be open for climbing beginning on June 6 (Sat.)!


On June 14 (Sun.), an alpine plant viewing tour will be held at Tendengai Kogen. Visitors can enjoy going on a hike while taking in the scenery and viewing wild plants growing in the mountains.


Date: June 14 (Sun.), 2020


Participation Fee:
Adults - 3000 yen
Elementary school students - 2000 yen


The fees for the guide, ropeway, lift, and insurance are included.


However, the fees for film and film development are not included.


Participant Limit: 30 people (The fewest amount of people required for the tour to commence is 10 people)


Applications: Please apply by calling Tengendai Kogen at the follow phone number: 0238-55-2236


Rentals are available for hiking shoes, rainwear, etc.


Items to Bring: Canteen/water bottle, rain gear, hat, warm clothes, working gloves, towel, change of clothes, a light meal, proper footwear (mountain-climbing boots), bookbag, leggings, trekking pole, single lens reflex camera or a digital camera


Please visit this page for the tour schedule and other information. (Japanese)




Tengendai Kogen
〒992-1461 Yamagata-ken, Yonezawa-shi, Shirabu Onsen Tengendai
Phone number: 0238-55-2236
Fax: 0238-55-2127


(For those who have difficulty applying in Japanese, please send an email to for assistance.)