Rice Paddy Art Harvest!

  • Rice Paddy Art Harvest!

The time has come to harvest this year's Rice Paddy Art and we're looking for people to join in! 

All participants get lunch and a 2kg Rice present (5kg if you also participated in the rice planting!) 

Make sure you check out the art before it's time to harvest at the special viewing platform at Onogawa Onsen - this year it's our own mascot Kanetan and the historical figure he was based off of Naoe Kanetsugu 

Application Period: 8.1 - 9.21 
(first 200 people) 

Event date: Sun. 30th Sept 2018 9:00-13:00 

Location - Misawa Community Centre 0238-32-2005 

Fee: Adults: 2,000 Yen 

Children (JHS and Under) 1,500 Yen

Call the City Tourism Department - 0238-22-5111 (Ext 3809) 

Or email y-kanko@msc5.omn.ne.jp 

By Fri. 21st September