Happy days in the countryside♡

Happy days in the countryside♡

I want to introduce some of the places that you can see brilliant ancient Hina dolls in Shirataka town and Nanyo city.
We drove car from Yonezawa city heading to Shirataka town.
It was beautiful sunny day. No snow on the roads, easy to drive.
We arrived to Ayu Chaya (Sweet fish café) very quick.
You’ll be surprised by huge stairs of decoration and the Miyama Japanese Paper Hina doll when you enter the café.

Big Keio Cherry Blossom Trees bring you spring breeze.
You can eat, relax and find souvenirs here!
You can also see Zen Bina(Hina Dolls on the trey) at Arato station museum.
Here is only about 5minutes away from Ayu Chaya(Sweet fish café)
The museum is in the station and the cute Hina dolls welcome you.

Each doll on the treys has different emotional faces and it is like a tiny musical.
I had very fun moment out there.

Finally we went to Yuki Toyotaro Memorial Museum.

Each Hina dolls have different faces and costumes
Umbrella Hina Dolls were truly amazing.
There are more exhibits that you can only see them here.
Of course you can take hot spring after.

You don’t have to pay entrance fee for those places.
So feel free to visit!

Look at these colorful ice-creams!!

I went to the day trip in Okitama area with my friends.

Mask Melon, Passion Fruits, and Blueberry flavor.
Can you tell which one is Passion Fruits?
I had blueberry one and it taste soooooo gooood!

This fruiterer's ice-cream parlor is in front of Yonezawa Station.
I'd love to try other fresh fruits sweets next time.
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