Yonezawa Uesugi Museum Special Exhibition: “Yonezawa Castle: The Uesugi Clan Fortress”

  • Yonezawa Uesugi Museum Special Exhibition: “Yonezawa Castle: The Uesugi Clan Fortress”

A special exhibition entitled “Yonezawa Castle: The Uesugi Clan Fortress” will be held at the Uesugi Museum in Yonezawa from September 19 (Sat.) to November 23 (Mon.).


Yonezawa Castle was used through the Edo period as the fortress of the Yonezawa Domain’s Uesugi Clan, acting as the base of the domain’s military affairs and politics. The castle was located on the plains, with its inner citadel surrounded by two additional layers: the “ni no maru” (outer citadel) and the “san no maru” (outermost area of the castle). Inside the castle grounds, many locations such as the clan palace, an armory, and a temple dedicated to Uesugi Kenshin could be found, along with the Sangaiyagura buildings, which have become a symbol of the castle.


In modern times, the buildings of the castle area are no longer standing. However, in the area around the inner citadel, the moat and embankments still remain, and vestiges of the castle can be found in the park and roads near Uesugi Shrine. Additionally, many artifacts relating to the castle were left behind, such as an illustration of the castle area with the addresses of more than 4000 feudal retainers listed, detailed diagrams showing the ingenious designs of the fortress and palace of the Uesugi clan, ancient documents such as the “Uesugi Clan Monjo” (designated as a National Treasure of Japan), and archeological relics focusing on the “ni no maru” (outer citadel). These artifacts will be on display at this exhibition, and topics such as the construction of Yonezawa’s castle town, its roles as a base of military affairs and government, and a vivid picture of the lives and manners of the feudal lords will be introduced. This will be followed with information about changes the site of the castle has undergone since the recent past.


This museum, standing in the location where the castle’s “ni no maru” once did, will be offering an exhibition focusing on Yonezawa Castle for the first time. We hope that by learning about the special characteristics of this castle town region, visitors will be able to vividly imagine the castle’s appearance and functions in detail when they explore the area, enjoying it in a new way.


Exhibition Period: September 19 (Sat.), 2020 - November 23 (Mon.), 2020
            First Period: September 19 (Sat.) - October 18 (Sun.)
            Second Period: October 24 (Sat.) - November 23 (Mon./holiday)
            • The exhibition will be free to view on November 3 (Tues./holiday)


Open Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (the exhibition can be entered until 4:30 pm)


Closed Days: September 23 (Wed.) and October 28 (Wed.)


Exhibition Change Period: October 19 (Mon.) - October 23 (Fri.)
• The permanent exhibition can still be viewed during this time.
• Over 2/3 of the materials on display will be changed.


Entry Fee:


General Fee: 620 yen (490 yen)
High School and University Students: 420 yen (330 yen)
Elementary and Middle School Students: 270 yen (210 yen)


• The prices inside parentheses indicate the fee for groups of 20 people or above, with tickets giving access to the permanent and special exhibitions.


Denkoku no Mori, Yonezawa Uesugi Museum


〒992-0052 Yamagata-ken, Yonezawa-shi, Marunouchi 1-2-1
Phone number: 0238-26-8001


• Due to the spread of COVID-19, there may be alterations to the details of the exhibition and entry restrictions put in place. For the most recent information, please check the museum website or call by phone. We appreciate your cooperation in preventing the spread of COVID-19 when visiting the museum.


For more details, please visit the Denkoku no Mori website.