Niigata (Murakami Wafune) × Yamagata (Okitama) Michi no Eki Stamp Rally

  • Niigata (Murakami Wafune) × Yamagata (Okitama) Michi no Eki Stamp Rally

Local specialties from Niigata Murakami (Iwafune area) and Yamagata (Okitama region) will be offered as prizes for this collaborative Michi no Eki stamp rally! Please feel free to enjoy the local goods and food at each area’s Michi no Eki while collecting your stamps.


For more information, please visit the following website. Here, you can download files like the application postcard. (Japanese)


Stamp Rally Period
Final day: November 30, 2020 (Mon.)
(This is the postmark deadline as well.)


How to Apply
1. On the application postcard, collect the needed number of stamps from each area for the prize that you want.
• Murakami Prize (Murakami Iwafune Region Specialty, 2000 yen value, 10 winners): Three locations in the Murakami Iwafune area
• Okitama Prize (Okitama Region Speciality, 2000 yen value, 10 winners): Three locations in the Okitama area
• Okitama Murakami Prize (assortment of local specialties from the Okitama and Murakami Regions, 5000 yen value, 3 winners): Three locations in the Murakami Iwafune area and three from the Okitama area, for a total of six locations
• Okitama Special Prize (assortment of fruit from the Okitama Region, 4000 yen value, 10 winners)/Murakami Special Prize (assortment of Murakami tea, equivalent to 4000 yen, 10 winners): Upon applying for this prize, please choose either the Okitama Special Prize or the Murakami Special Prize)
2. Upon filling in the necessary information on the application postcard, please apply a stamp and send the postcard by post.


Stamp Locations
Niigata, Murakami Iwafune Area


• Michi no Eki Kamihayashi, Honami no Sato (Niigata Prefecture, Murakami, Kokonokaichi 809)
• Michi no Eki Asahi, Asahi Midori no Sato (Niigata Prefecture, Murakami, Sarusawa 1215)
• Michi no Eki Sasagawa Nagare Yuhi Kaikan (Niigata Prefecture, Murakami, Kuwagawa 891-1)
• Michi no Eki Sekikawa, Katsura no Seki (Niigata Prefecture, Sekikawa, Oaza Kamiseki 1252-1)


Yamagata, Okitama Area


• Michi no Eki Iide, Mezami no Sato Produce Shop (Yamagata Prefecture, Nishiokitama District, Iiide, Oaza Matsubara 1898) (Phone number: 0254-66-6326)
• Michi no Eki Tazawa, Nagomi no Sato (Yamagata Prefecture, Yonezawa, Oaza Iritazawa 573-19) (Phone number: 0238-31-2753)
• Michi no Eki Shiroi Mori, Oguni Buna Chaya (restaurant) (Yamagata Prefecture, Nishiokitama District, Oguni, Oaza Oguni Kosakamachi 616-1) (Phone number: 0238-62-3719)
• Michi no Eki Takahata, Mahoroba Station (Yamagata Prefecture, Higashiokitama District, Takahata, Oaza Akutsu 2072-1) (Phone number: 0238-52-5433)
• Michi no Eki Shirataka, Yana Park, Mogami River Ayutopia (Yamagata Prefecture, Nishiokitama District, Shirataka, Shimoyama 661-1) (Phone number: 0238-85-5577)
• Michi no Eki Kawa no Minato Nagai (Yamagata Prefecture, Nagai, Higashimachi 2-50) (Phone number: 0238-87-1121)
• Michi no Eki Yonezawa (Yamagata Prefecture, Yonezawa, Oaza Kawai 1039-1) (Phone number: 0238-40-8400)




Okitama/Murakami Iwafune Region Tourism Promotion Committee
(Office: Niigata Prefecture Murakami Region Promotion Bureau)
Phone number: 0254-52-7231