Cherry Picking Has Begun at the Wagatsuma Orchard!


  • Cherry Picking Has Begun at the Wagatsuma Orchard! <p>(汉语・한국어)</p>

Cherry season has begun this year! Visitors are welcome to come enjoy the delicious ripe cherries.


In order to ensure a safe experience for everyone, we ask that visitors follow the guidelines related to preventing the spread of COVID-19 when cherry-picking.


30-minute Cherry Picking - All You Can Eat!
• Open Hours
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm (tours can be started until 4:30 pm)


• Open Period
    June 13 - the first third of July (there may be changes due to weather and sales conditions)


• Cost
    Adults (middle school age or older) - 1200 yen
    Elementary school students - 1000 yen
    Older than 3 years old (and less than elementary school age) - 500 yen
    3 years old or younger - Free
    Container you can bring home with you - 1000 yen


• Take Cherries With You Plan
    This year, there is a plan that allows visitors to take Sato Nishiki cherries that they picked back with them! Feel free to take types that you like besides Sato Nishiki as well. Visitors will be given a container that holds about 250g of cherries when they enter the orchard. Please pay the fee for the container before entering.


• Cherries are Able to be Eaten Right After Picking
    The cherries are cultivated in an environmentally friendly way. Visitors can rest assured that the cherries are safe for them and their children to eat. At the Wagatsuma Orchard, in order to make sure the fruits grown are safe to eat, the amount of agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers is kept low. Instead, fruits are grown through an eco-friendly farming method which utilizes organic fertilizers and materials. The orchard does not use any unregistered agricultural chemicals, so visitors can feel comfortable enjoying the delicious cherries.


• All-You-Can-Eat Cherries in the Orchard
    Sato Nishiki cherries can be picked and eaten inside of the orchard! Feel free to eat until you’re full.
    *The amount visitors can pick is not unlimited, so please make sure to only pick what you are able to eat at while at the orchard. Please also make sure not to take any cherries with you outside of the orchard.


The orchard will be open even if it rains! The cherries are grown in a greenhouse covered from the rain, so visitors don’t have to worry about the weather.


The orchard has an area where cherries can be directly purchased as well.


A parking lot is available (30 cars) and parking is free. There is also a bus stop at the parking lot.


• Other Information
    - Visitors who use wheelchairs are welcome! Wheelchairs are able to be used in the orchard. It is spacious and flat, so those in a wheelchair can move comfortably.
    - Those who would like to bring their pet with them can feel free to do so.
    - Children age 3 or under can enter free of charge.


• Things to Note
    - Bags, boxes, and other containers can’t be brought into the orchard.
    - Visitors can’t take cherries outside of the orchard (besides the purchasable container)


Inquiries: 〒992-1122
Yonezawa-shi, Bansei-chou Zusayama 1882
Wagatsuma Orchard
Phone number: 0238-28-5431


Please visit this website for more details. (Japanese)


我妻观光果树园 樱桃采摘活动开始啦!














【咨询处】 〒992-1122 米沢市万世町梓山1882

         我妻观光果树园  TEL:0238-28-5431





와가쓰마 관광 과수원 사쿠람보 따기를 시작했습니다!


금년도 사쿠람보의 계절이 찾아 왔습니다!


맛있고 큰 새빨간 사쿠람보를 만끽해 보십시오!


안심하고 이용할 수 있도록、신형 코로나 바이러스 감염 대책 가이드 라인에 따라 사쿠람보 따기를 하고 있으므로、협조해 주시기 바랍니다。




사쿠람보 따기30분 무한리필 마음대로 따먹기!
○영업 시간○
 8:30~17:00(16:30까지 접수)


○개최 시기○
 6월13일~7월 상순(날씨나 판매 상황에 따라 변동 있음)


 대인(중학생 이상)…1,200엔
 3세 이하…무료
 토산(선물용) 포장팩・・・1,000엔

【문의처】 〒992-1122 요네자와시 반세쵸 즈사야마1882


         와가쓰마 관광 과수원  전화:0238-28-5431



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