Avoiding Accidents When Collecting Mountain Plants

  • Avoiding Accidents When Collecting Mountain Plants

CAUTION: Even the mountains you are used to climbing can be dangerous. Please keep these things in mind when visiting the mountains!


Since May, 2019, there have been 16 accidents involving 19 people, including 3 deaths, while collecting wild plants in the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture.


Please keep the following in mind in order to avoid accidents while picking wild plants and climbing the mountains.


• Inform your family or others close to you about your whereabouts. Go with multiple people.
- In the case that an accident occurs, your general whereabouts can be determined by what you told them, and a search can begin.
- If there is an emergency, a family member or friend can call for help.


• Bring a cell phone with you. If you lose your way, follow the path that you came from.
- If you do not know where you are, you can find a location in which you have a good view of your surroundings. Then, inform someone of where you are by your cell phone to call for help.


• If you try to climb a steep slope, make sure to use a safety rope.
- Only attempt to pick wild plants after ensuring your safety first.


• In addition to food and water, bring ring rain gear in the case of a sudden change in weather.
- If there is an accident, you can prevent a fall in your body temperature by bringing things like food and proper gear.


The police homepage also offers hiking registration. You can visit the website here. (Note: the website is in Japanese.)


Yamagata Prefecture Mountain Disaster Prevention Convention
Yamagata Prefecture Police Headquarters